COB 陶瓷基板之3D環繞壁 (DAM) 技術

COB Ceramic Substrate with 3D DAM Technology

COB 陶瓷基板的封裝製程,
最耗時且設備投資最大的是螢光粉的環繞壁 (DAM) 製程,

每一顆 COB 都需要數十秒鐘的點膠畫環繞壁動作。

COB 陶瓷板上已完成環繞壁之製作,

可使封裝業減少了點膠機的購置,且使 COB 的封裝效率增加數倍以上。 

The most time-consuming and the biggest investment of equipment in COB ceramic substrate packaging process is the fluorescent powder on the DAM,each COB requires ten seconds dispensing action forming it.
COB ceramic board have been completed the DAM production using our self-developed 3D forming techniques. However,package industries can reduce purchasing dispenser machines as well,and makes the COB encapsulation increased efficiency several times over.

莊弘毅 博士